Supporting Health Centers

The Health Federation of Philadelphia (HFP) supports our members by enhancing health center access to information, technical assistance and resources. HFP convenes, coordinates and advocates for community and public health. HFP serves as a forum for regular network-level discussion of emerging policy, funding, reimbursement, compliance, quality and other issues affecting health center interests.

Here are some examples where HFP has addressed emerging issues by bringing together member health centers, other partners, outside experts, and funders:

  • Behavioral Health Integration: HFP has worked with members to develop and implement a model integrating behavioral health consultation into primary care. This project has included extensive provider training and case review, negotiations with insurers to secure reimbursement for the new model, and an evaluation component.
  • Optimizing EMR use and the effective use of data for quality improvement and population health: HFP helps members to select and use new technologies effectively and to enhance capacity to understand data and use information effectively to maximize patient health. See Health Center Controlled Network page for more information on this initiative.
  • Supporting outreach and enrollment efforts: In the initial stages of outreach and enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace, HFP has supported health center staff with information, training, and networking.


For more information on member services, please contact Suzanne Cohen.