Trauma-Informed Practice

Trauma-Informed Practice

Becoming Trauma Informed, a three session series, is the Health Federation's core curriculum on trauma informed and responsive services. Originally develped in 2007 by a cross sector group of professionals, this curriculum provides the awareness, knowledge, and skills needed by professionals to begin their journey of trauma informed transformation. It is intended to encourage professionals from various service systems to cultivate the necessary skills to provide trauma sensitive service provision for their service population. The second part of this series provides practical, concrete tools for professionals to use when providing care in a trauma informed manner. Part three of this series focuses on the professional, by addressing secondary traumatic stress and by advocating for staff wellness and resilience. All courses offered by Health Federation are adapted to the needs of your audience and can be delivered are varying lengths to suit your needs and budget. Courses offered under the trauma informed umbrella are:

ACES 101

Becoming Trauma Informed: Foundations

Becoming Trauma Informed: Responsive and Supportive Practice Skills

Becoming Trauma Informed: Secondary Trauma, Self-Care and Resilience

Generational and Historical Trauma and Its Impact  

Intimate Partner Violence and Its Impact

Social Determinants of Health: Development, Functioning, and Health

Trauma Informed Customer Service